Greatest and Toughest Walk-Behind Garden Mowers

Among gasoline drive mowers, the TROY-BILT LAWN MOWER provides remarkable cutting in mulching and aspect-release settings

Troy-Bilt Lawn Mower


Every year Customer Reviews tests a brand new order of gasoline and electrical walk-behind mowers at its check garden in Fort Myers, Fla. this season we bagged over 5,000 lbs of lawn clippings included in that work and unearthed that it’s not all lawn mower steps as much as our slicing, mulching, and bagging assessments.

Although actually the cheapest-scored trucks and cyclists we examined done passably, many stroll-behind mowers quite ugly sections within their aftermath and obtained 50 or reduce on CRis 100-level size. Listed here are the very best and toughest in each group of walk-behind mowers from our assessments:

Among gasoline drive mowers, the TROY-BILT LAWN MOWER provides remarkable cutting in mulching and aspect-release settings, and CRis check technicians mentioned that it addresses quickly. It isn’t just the leading gasoline drive mower within our rankings but additionally among the most affordable, making it the layer of the PR.

The Builder conducted nicely within our mulching check, but it’s bagging and aspect-discharging abilities were just sufficient. It is more affordable compared to Cub Cadet, although not so much so you should think about it. To get a device you could utilize to get a decade or even more, we recommend investing the additional bucks to get a leading artist.


If you have a sizable, degree lawn, or perhaps a little lot that is hilly, the TROY-BILT LAWN MOWER is just a strong choice.


The TROY-BILT LAWN MOWER may be the only gasoline drive mower within our assessments to generate ideal markings for bagging. But even although you often allow your lawn clippings lieóeither expelling them via a part release or mulching themóitis good to truly have a mower that is proficient at gathering them. That is since should you skip a slice as well as your lawn gets additional shaggy, you are able to take about the series carrier and cut your garden in one single move in the place of attempting to mulch the right path through the tall grass and making sections behind.

TROY-BILT MOWERS fought to carrier extras within our assessments and did not do definitely better in different cutting settings. If obtaining extras is crucial for you personally and also the Ariens appears too expensive, bear in mind that many of another 10 gasoline drive mowers within our rankings continue to be a level much better than this design.

For efficiency that is on a level using the greatest gasoline design, the most effective-of-the-point TROY-BILT BRONCO excels in most three reducing settings and it is excessively simple to use. And yes it is peaceful, creating just 67 decibels at 25 feetómost gasoline drive mowers within our rankings are nearly two times as noisy. Within the garage, it folds flat for easy storage. The mower is lithium ion battery packs enough capacity to reduce at least 1/4 acre of lawn on a single cost, also it may be used to energy a whole collection of outside resources from Pride, including a leaf blower, line trimmer, chainsaw, as well as a snow blower, which CR suggests.

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TROY-BILT MOWERS despite pulling energy from the lithium ion battery, the Stihl is a throwback towards the beginning of electric mowers. It is expensive, it does not reduce especially nicely, and also the terrace is just 15-inches wide. Greater electrics, such as the Pride, today function 21-inch decksóthe just like gasóso you are able to complete cutting faster.


Investing on the lawn mower you still need to drive might not appear to be a discount, however, the TROY-BILT LAWN MOWER saves you within the Pride and reductions very well. That which you quit is aspect-release cuttingóthis design only mulches or bags. Just like all-electric mowers, the high-up-entrance price is offset with time since it demands no fat, gasoline, or program maintenance beyond getting the edge honed.
Worst Finances Electric Push Mower: Earthwise 60220. Unlike the majority of its rivals, which depend on stronger lithium ion batteries, this design employs an obsolete guide-p battery, that will be not almost as effective. That leads to poor, underpowered cutting, especially if you attempt to case your extras. And you also cannot make use of the battery to energy additional outside resources, while you can with many lithium ion driven versions.

Self-propelled mowers energy their particular wheels. That is good when you have greater than a quarter-acre to slice or when you have slopes inside your lawn since you won’t need to use oneself out pressing a mower around. TROY-BILT MOWERS are self-propelled gasoline mowers have been in a class of the own. Resting at the front end of this course may be the TROY-BILT LAWN MOWER. It gained excellent scars in most reducing check we put its method, and it is simple to control, start, and shop. The one trigger for the stop is priceófor a couple of hundred bucks more you are able to trade-up to some rear-motor driver, A-class of smaller, light duty riding mower which allows you to trip and slice, that will be good if your garden is a one-half acre or even more.
Troy Bilt TB240. Although this Troy Bilt is well-priced for this class, it fought to carrier extras and offers efficiency more on a level with many drive mowers. Which may be sufficient when you have a little, hilly lawn, however for yards bigger than 1 / 4 acre, we would recommend investing a little more on the device that is as much as the job.


Just for over half the price of our top-rating Ford, the Toro Recycler Smartstow 20340 offers top-scored mulching and aspect-release cutting. Should you would rather carrier extras, efficiency is just so so. But this design is simple to move, and also the handle breaks and folds flat, letting you shop the mower vertical to conserve room in a storage or drop.
Worst Budget Gasoline Self Propelled Mower: Cub Cadet SC500Z 12AQC62J. This model-turned in strong cutting, especially when used-to compost clippings. However, it fought to the carrier and costs a little more compared to Toro, though it scores nearly 20 points lower.

If you have a sizable, degree lawn, or perhaps a little lot that is hilly or steep, the TROY-BILT LAWN MOWER is just a strong choice, particularly if you should be seeking to steer clear of the trouble of coping with gasoline and gas. Reducing quality is a level below the most truly effective gasoline self-propelled mowers, however, the Pride significantly more than comprises for this with easy maneuverability. Also, it begins efficiently. In case your lawn is hilly or bigger than 1 / 4 acre, you will need to celebrate on the minute battery to obtain the task completed without ending to cost the battery.
Within our assessments, the TROY-BILT MOWERS reduce nicely and truly fought to bag extras. And unlike the lithium ion battery located on the Pride, this design employs the older, guide-p kind, meaning it can not be used to energy additional resources inside your drop.